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4 Nov 2008

by Noel

Siesta time

When I went travelling in Spain I had a siesta just about every day. There are very practical reasons for doing so: it is so damn hot in the middle of the day, and, despite being very close to the Prime Meridian, Spain is on +2GMT in summer so the evenings last forever. Another benefit of siestas: I felt great!

This little anecdote is designed to entice to view
this graphic from The Boston Globe. Within you’ll find everything you ever wanted to know about napping. Now a lot of it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Everyone knows the mid-afternoon lull (at Untyped Midlands it tends to lead to a frenzy of piano playing or drumming, for reasons I don’t understand) but few of us heed the urge to sleep. Perhaps we should. Remember to plan your naps: either get a full cycle (1.5 hours) or stop your nap after about 45 minutes. If you wake in the middle of deep sleep you’ll feel terrible.

If you have problems getting to sleep, I recommend a cat as a snoozing companion. They’re always ready for a nap and purring is very relaxing. Furthermore, a good alarm cat will stop your afternoon nap extending too close to dinner time.

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