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Archive for April, 2006

24 Apr 2006

by Noel

Give us all your money!

Actually, don’t give us all your money, give it to the British Heart Foundation instead!

The Davester and myself are entering the London to Brighton bike ride. Being a ride for charity we’re collecting sponsors. You can sponsor me or Dave. If you have a blog please pass on the links so we can reach the maximum number of people.

This will be my first major ride since October, when I dislocated my fingers coming off my bike. I spent a bit of the weekend cleaning off the cobwebs, adjusting the brakes, and so on. A quick trip down to the city centre showed both the bike and the rider to still be running a bit rough, but time will solve this problem.

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24 Apr 2006

by Noel

Programming in Film Making?

In the software engineering literature people like to make analogies between programming and other disciplines, typically civil engineering (e.g. programming is like building bridges). But these analogies don’t fit very well. Programming seems to be ill-suited to the extensive modelling that can be done in, civil engineering, nor does it have the same high cost of change (you can’t move a bridge easily). Here’s an analogy that seems to fit: film making. And I’m not just saying that so I can grow a goatee and hang out with the cool kids (you reading, Geoff? ;-) )

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18 Apr 2006

by Noel


Just like Citeseer and Google Scholar, but better! Rexa is at core a search engine for the computer science literature, but with additional functionality beyond what the others offer. The key improvement is that Rexa knows about more types of data than just papers — it can also track people, for instance. It also has w00ty Web 2.0 tagging, and a dodgy .info domain. If they only had rounded corners and a day-glo colour scheme they’d be a dead cert for an acquisition.

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