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Archive for March, 2007

14 Mar 2007

by Noel

It’s Snow Time!

The Snowfort is “a repository of Scheme packages that are portable to several popular implementations of Scheme”. I think the developers of Snow have taken the correct approach by targeting the more featureful Scheme implementations, which share quite a bit of useful functionality in excess of R5RS. However, at the moment the packages look like they’re written under the assumption the host Scheme has no useful module system, as the packages I looked at all prefixed their exports with snow-. The module system in R6RSshould fix this, so hopefuly these annoying prefixes will go away.

There’s snow business like snow business, snow business I snow…

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14 Mar 2007

by Noel

Four Dudes Take on the World

Inspired by a LtU post I downloaded Vendetta and, poof!, two hours disappeared as I blasted an assortment of evil bots into space dust. Vendetta looked even more impressive when I learned that the
guys who develop it number precisely four. Very inspirational!

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12 Mar 2007

by Noel

Behold the Abominable Cow-thing!

The empirical hammer of science smashes the myth of the yeti, or at least suggests it is more closely related to ungulates than man.

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