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29 Feb 2008

by Noel

Announcing: Instaservlet

We’ve just released a package called Instaservlet, which enables you to get a servlet running in two lines of code, plus the servlet code. Here’s a simple example:

  (require (planet "" ("untyped" "instaservlet.plt" 1)))

(define (servlet request)
'(html (head (title "It's working!"))
(body (h1 "Instaservlet is in the house!"))))

(go! servlet)

Try it in PLT Scheme 3.99 and see!

This package arose out of the development work I did on Smut Shorts, which made me I realise we needed to support a quick start for web development. Instaservlet is the first step in doing this. Not only does it setup the servlet, it does it in a robust manner. Continuations are managed using the LRU manager, which can be a bit difficult to setup but it much more robust than the time-out manager. Instaservlet uses some sensible defaults which should work for most small to medium size sites — they’re the setting used on Smut Shorts, so we know they can handle a reasonable load. It also sets up a nice default page to handle continuation expiry. Instaservlet is good enough to get you started with, and future versions will enable more customisations so it can scale to any website build using PLT Scheme.

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