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7 Dec 2007

by Noel

ICFP 2007 In Fashion

Naturally no meeting of computer scientists would be complete without some mention of fashion. The satorial pinnacle of ICFP was easily claimed by Adrien Pierard who was rocking a bowler hat and pipe combo. I was pleased to find his hat was indeed sourced fromJames Lock & Co. I saw several Threadless t-shirts: The Communist PartyDark Side of the Garden, and Well This Just Really Sucks. (Follow the first link to Threadless, buy a T-Shirt, and I get $3.00 towards a tee. Follow the other links and I get nadda. Threadless is a great example of a business model that is only possible over the Internet. If you’re not familiar with them, check ‘em out.)

Computer scientists pay almost as much attention to their computers as they do to their clothing. From an informal survey of the conference Apple is continuing its rise in popularity amongst the geek crowd — the ratio of Mac to PCs was about 1:1. Of course a Mac is about as close to a fashion statement as a computer can come, so it isn’t surprising to see this adoption.

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