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7 Dec 2007

by Noel

Announcing: Delirium

Delirium is a web-browser automation toolkit, which means it’s a Scheme library that provides a bunch of functions that you can use to control a web browser. We expect the primary use will be for web testing, and Delirium can be used inside SchemeUnit like any other Scheme library.

For the Schemers Delirium isn’t anything special, but we believe the use of continuations make Delirium a major advance over similar web testing tools like Selenium. If you write your server code in Scheme you can directly test how your server side responds to web tests with tests running on the same server. That is to say a test can interleave calls to the web browser and to the server side code, which is impractical without continuations. This features makes it much easier to write reliable and comprehensive tests.

Delirium is on PLaneT. Note the documentation was translated by hand from Scribble source. Some errors may have been introduced during the translation.

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