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8 Jun 2007

by Noel

What The World Eats

What the World Eats is a moderately fascinating photo essay of the weekly food consumption of 16 families around the world. The choices and differences aren’t that unexpected, but it is interesting none-the-less. Here are some thoughts:

  • Those starving Africans really are. Of course I knew that intellectually, but didn’t feel it till I saw what they ate.
  • The Bhutan family’s food looks tasty. All those chillies and ginger. Yum. Mexico and Cairo also look good.
  • I’m surprised the Sicilians have such anaemic looking tomatoes. Perhaps the photo was taken in winter.
  • The backgrounds are fascinating. Almost the best thing in the pictures. Favourites are Bhutan, Mongolia, and Ecuador. What’s with the Western families that look like they haven’t redecorated since the 1970s? I can just feel the desert looking at the Kuwait house.

For comparison the two of us spend around £40 on food a week.

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