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6 Nov 2006

by Noel

Does engineering/math/science education in suck?

Kathy Sierra asks why does engineering/math/science education in the US suck? Nice of her to limit that to the US. I guess we’re ok here in the UK. “Education sucks” is a meme that has a lot of mileage. We’ve posted along these lines before. I’m willing to accept that the average educational experience is only average, but so is the average student. I think the passionate will always be disappointed with those who don’t share their passion. I know I have been in my time at University, but on the flip side I’ve been a pretty poor student in some classes that I found boring. However, as an engineering/science graduate I must ask “where’s the evidence” in response to this claim. There is definitely something to be said about the issues of teaching and teaching standards, but I find this post too simplistic.

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