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20 Jan 2006

by Noel

We Have Lift Off!

As we’ve been hinting on the blog our current project has been close to delivery. Truth is, once we got a new server set up the deadline passed without incident. We’ve been waiting a few days to ensure there are no problems, but it’s been long enough so we’re now happy to announce the project is complete.

This work has been done for the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences at Queen Mary University of London. We have implemented a preregistration system for them: a website by which students can be registered for courses and modules, replacing a tedious and error-prone manual system. Unfortunately there is no publically available front-end so we can’t show off our work. However we have a few projects that should be completed in the next months that will have publically visible components.

The whole site runs on PLT Scheme, with SQLite for the database. This is, to our knowledge, the first large site to run the PLT Scheme web server continuously for any length of time. Over the next few days we’ll provide a few more details about the more intricate parts of our setup so other intrepid pioneers can learn from our work.

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