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16 Aug 2005

by Noel

Content To Go

Blogs are a good way of building reputation, but many of us are too busy to write regularly. As more commercial organisations get into blogging it should come as a surprise to find there is now a company that will out-source your blogging.

The plan is pretty simple: you give them some cash, and they hire a small army of Chinese people to create content for your blog. It’s a bit like the old monkeys-and-typewriters gag: given enough monkeys and enough typewriters, eventually one of them is going to produce Shakespeare. If the plan is simple the ethics are substantially more murky, though in the final analysis it isn’t too different to contracting out press releases to a public relations firm. The difference, I think, being that people have an expectation that blogs are written by those personally acquainted with that which they write about.

I do like this post. Apparently the writing style of teenage girls is easy imitate, but Super Bloggers are proving more difficult, where Super Bloggers are defined as “bipolars, cynics, liberals, outcasts, super-hip”. I’ve already shown my dislike of Coldplay, but I don’t think I have the requiste 5% self-loathing to crack this exclusive group.

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