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23 May 2011

by Noel

Internship This Summer at Loho

Our friends at Loho are looking for an intern over summer. We’vepreviously blogged about the (fun and interesting) work we’ve done for Loho: using ScalaLift, and a heavy does of Javascript we’ve created a really simple interface for setting up complex VoIP services. (All credit goes to Alex for the great concept — our work is simply implementing his vision.) The internship could extend this work, or address other parts of the stack right down to mucking around with VoIP hardware. It’s an awesome chance to play with a lot of exciting technology. If you fit the bill (student, free for 8-10 weeks over summer, can relocate to Cambridge) get in touch with Alex at Loho. If you get the internship and decide to focus on the Scala/Lift parts we’ll certainly help you get to grips with the code base.

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