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31 Jan 2010

by Noel

Kahupdate 2

We’ve just uploaded another weekly update to Kahu, including a few bug fixes and the following new features:

Automatic closure of tickets

We had a lot of requests for this feature from support teams. Tickets in the resolved state are now automatically closed after a week. An email is sent to the person who raised the ticket, just in case there is still a problem.

Better navigation on booking pages

Each of the booking pages gets five new navigation buttons to make it easier to move around. In left-to-right order these are previous week, previous daynext daynext week, and jump to today. The selected day is also highlighted in week views, making it easier to see where you’re looking.

Delete and deactivate people

Last week we added the ability to delete teams and resources; this week we’re adding the ability to delete people. To avoid confusion, we’ve made it so you can’t delete a person if they own any bookings, have raised any tickets, or have authored any ticket comments. Instead, we’ve added the option to deactivate a person’s account.

Inactive people cannot log in, and they don’t show up on thePeople page unless you are an administrator. However, they still appear on bookings, tickets and the like.

What are we currently working on? Well, it’s a biggie. We’re updating our in-house tools for doing mass-imports bookings, resources and people. This should make it far easier for schools to do bulk imports of data from Management Information Systems such asSIMS and Facility.

The tools should be available in the next week or so. In the meantime, as ever, please get in touch if you need help with your data.

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