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3 May 2007

by Noel

Get It Right (or Left)!

Next time you’re walking down the street and have to step aside to avoid a fellow pedestrian, note which way you move. The chances are you’ll step over to the side people drive on in your country. Normally this is unconscious and the two of you will smoothly avoid one another as if the process had been choreographed. Go to a country where people drive on the other side of the road and it will become immediately noticeable as you play the hilarious game of stepping-in-front-of-one-another. Why do I bring this up? The local branch of Aldihas undergone redevelopment, including a new front door. You enter on the right and leave on the left. I ambled up not really paying attention and of course went to the wrong side. So did the next three people after me. The difference between a great design and a bad design is made in the little details like this.

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